Oh, Snap! ObamaCare High Risk Pool Already Moving Towards Fail Status

Hey, you know that high risk pool ObamaCare mandated, and just started accepting applications Thursday, July 1st? How’s that working out?

The Obama administration has not ruled out turning sick people away from an insurance program created by the new healthcare law to provide coverage for the uninsured.

Critics of the $5 billion high-risk pool program insist it will run out of money before Jan. 1, 2014. That’s when the program sunsets and health plans can no longer discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions.

Administration officials insist they can make changes to the program to ensure it lasts until 2014, and that it may not have to turn away sick people. Officials said the administration could also consider reducing benefits under the program, or redistributing funds between state pools. But they acknowledged turning some people away was also a possibility.

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The cold dead mackerel of reality just swam up and smacked them in the face. This is exactly what happens in Liberal World, where an insurance pool is stocked with people who are already sick, with no healthy people to offset the costs. And, as we move farther and farther into a time where the government is administering health insurance plans, the same will happen, namely, rationing and running in the red.

Meanwhile, people won’t game the system by enrolling when they need insurance for some event in their health, and then drop coverage, right? There’s no precedent for doing that, right?

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