Once Again Unions Find a Pliant Judge to do Their Bidding

In another example of why unions are antithetical to good government, a pliant, left-wing judge in California has ruled that the Schwarzenegger Administration cannot furlough state workers that belong to three powerful public employees unions.

Governor Schwarzenegger has been battling to cut his over spent state budget for several years now and one of the solutions to the problem that he lit upon was the idea that he might furlough his workforce. He would give these workers a few days a month off without pay and this would save the taxpayer’s millions. It is a good idea and one that real-world businesses are forced to employ all the time when things get tough.

But here come the state unions to prevent this simple cost saving measure even though it is common as dirt in the real-world sector.

What we see here is these union thugs actually preventing the proper and necessary measures to reign in state spending. And what is the state spending? OUR TAXES! So, what we have are unions making sure that wild, unproductive, and wasteful spending of our taxes continues and they are using the force of left-wing, compliant courts to do it.

Unions are essentially stealing our taxes.

Yep, proves once again that unions are a danger to good government.

(Cross posted at TheUnionLabelBlog.com)

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