One Black and One White Texas Cop Posts Photo Slamming ‘Black Lives Matter’ That You’ve GOT to See!

Are you sick and tired of this BS that “black lives matter”? Are you one of those folks that liberals hate because you think all lives matter? Well, two cops in Texas, one black and one white, have the perfect photo to destroy the argument of the anti-human “black lives matter” crowd.

This is great, from The Blaze:

Two Texas police officers, one white and one black, offered a gripping message in response to the “Black Lives Matter” movement – and their photo is now going viral.

The Trinity Police Department tweeted out a photo of police Chief Steven Jones and officer Donald Givens back in May, but it didn’t relay take off until after American Conservatives of Color posted the image on its Facebook page earlier this week.

PERFECT response, gentlemen!

Warner Todd Huston

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