Oregon Gun Owners Pledge to REFUSE to Comply With Strict New Gun Banning Laws

After receiving millions from the gun-hating, anti-constitutionalist Michael Bloomberg, politicians in Oregon passed some of the nation’s strictest anti-gun laws. Now gun owners in Oregon are saying they intend to initiate a policy of noncompliance with these new anti-American laws.

Gateway Pundit has the news of these plans of civil disobedience:

Now that Oregon’s SB 941 has been signed by the Governor, gun rights activists have banded together and are organizing a Facebook event page for a rally entitled “SB 941 I Will Not Comply Demonstration“. The rally is set for May 30th, at the Capitol building in Salem, and will feature a host of speakers. SB 941 is the “universal background check” bill, meaning that if you want to trade guns with your next door neighbor whom you’ve known for 10 years, you must both submit yourselves to background checks and get permission from the state police before the exchange can take place.

While the page doesn’t specifically encourage people to openly violate this new law, it can be expected that several people in attendance will buy, sell, and trade firearms without going through the background check, similar to the Washington “I Will Not Comply” rally that took place last December in Olympia.

It is plain that these gun owners feel that we need more true Americans getting fed up enough with the left’s BS “laws” to simply refuse to comply. These gun owners are saying that the left, with their leader Obama, has shown that they have no desire to follow the law, that laws do not apply to them, and it is plain that liberals feel they can do whatever they want. The left has devalued the rule of law. These gun owners are saying it is time we start forcing the issue and getting what we want for a change instead of losing at every level. The left has already eliminated the rule of law. These gun owners’ message is that it is time to assert our strength and stop meekly letting liberals steamroller over us.

Warner Todd Huston

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