Palestinians Arrest a Dolphin, Accuse it of Being Jewish Spy–No Seriously

OK you supporters of the Palestinians, explain how they are so great now? Apparently Hamas, the Pali faction running most of the area, recently arrested a dolphin and accused it of being a Jew Spy. Yes, I said a dolphin. The ocean kind…

It seems these Hamas Palis claimed that they found a dolphin with spy equipment strapped to it.

These wacky Palis also claimed that the dolphin had “arrow” weapons that could be fired to kill people and that they became alerted to the animal because of its “suspicious movements” in the water.

One also wonders if they were on their daily opium allotment before they supposedly found this “killer spy dolphin”?

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Something fishy is going on here.

(Note: I want to make it clear that the photo accompanying this post is NOT the dolphin that the Palis found. That is just stock image of a supposed “spy dolphin.”)

Warner Todd Huston

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