Patriotic National Guardsmen In Ferguson Explain Why They’re Recovering Burned Flags to Ignorant Protesters (VIDEO)

Members of the Missouri National Guard were so disgusted by the ignorance and hate of the protesters in Ferguson who were burning American flags that they went over to recover the burnt remains of the national banner even as some in the crowd heckled them for their patriotism.

One creep loudly berated the National Guardsmen as they tried to recover the burnt artifacts so that they could give it a decent disposal.

The video starts with the protester asking a police officer a few questions during the middle of a protest. At one point, the officer tells the man that National Guardsmen are moving into the area to recover burned pieces of an American flag.

”Just so you know, the Guardsmen have come over to look for pieces of the American flag that got burned” the officer says.

“Why is that?” the man replies.

“Because it’s an American flag,” the officer quips back.

The protester proceeds to chide the Guardsmen and tell them that there is no reason to pick up pieces of the flag.

“It’s just a piece of cloth,” he says repeatedly.

One of the Guardsmen wasn’t buying that logic.

“But it means something to us,” the Guardsman replied.

Good for these upstanding soldiers! They reveal quite a contrast to the cretins protesting in Ferguson.

Warner Todd Huston

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