Pennsylvania Releases Election Recount Results – Wow…

Pennsylvania Releases Election Recount Results – Wow…

This is getting ridiculous. Hillary Clinton LOST the election nearly a month ago and her and her little minions need to build a bridge and get over it already.

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For the love of everything that matters, can they just take a bow and exit the damn stage already? At this rate, Hillary and even Obama himself are going to leave with zero of their dignity in tact. At this point they are both doing and saying things that are just making them look like obnoxious snotty nosed poor sports who rage quit when they don’t win. It’s embarrassing to watch…

Now Pennsylvania’s two largest counties have just finished their vote recounts and they have found some embarrassing news to deliver to both Hillary and Jill and both of their campaigns.


The number of votes that were located for Mrs. Hillary Clinton, the loser is…


Yes, 5 votes came as a result of all the effort and money put into this re-count in Pennsylvania.

You hear that? Sounds like the last bit of Hillary’s dignity shriveling up into a ball of nothing in some dark corner. Because the only thing this recount is doing for her, is making her the FIRST female in the history of America to LOSE the presidential race TWICE…during the same freaking election!

I doubt this is the result they wanted, but it’s going to be the result they get.

The two counties that had completed this recount for Hillary were Philadelphia County and Allegheny County. In one of them all 5 votes were found, the other… zero change.

City Commissioner Al Schmidt of Philadelphia said he was unsurprised. That widespread voter fraud might have taken place was possible but extremely unlikely with voting machines that had no connections to the internet.

“We have very primitive voting machines here,” he said, according to Billy Penn. “Our voting system is only vulnerable to individual cases of voting fraud, as we’ve seen. Whenever it does occur it would be someone going in and voting for somebody else or an election board manually adding votes, which is an entirely different thing than hacking.”

Hillary, America has spoken…period. Please put your big girl panties on and deal with it.

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