Pete Stark Unplugged: The Whole Gory Video Of His Anti-Constitutional Rant

Thanks to @Forest4Congress for this “Context”. It clarifies even more:

You have to watch the WHOLE thing. Here’s one particularly laughable part:

There’s enough blame for the House of Reps … it is a fact that the Senate has been unable, perhaps unwilling, to move any legislation (that cuts funding for the war in Afghanistan.) And largely when I say it’s (the Senate) is controlled by the Republicans … uh I want to say that … ” (Crowd chatter interrupts)

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The crowderupted in laughter and one listener pointed out that the House and Senate was controlled by Democrats. And then there is this around the 4:30 mark:

“We’re gonna talk about the Bush tax cuts, the inheritance tax, or death tax as people may like to call it,” Stark said. “Somebody suggested: This is not a good year for you to eat food your spouse has prepared unless you have a taster,” Stark said. (Crowd chattering) “Uh, the inheritance tax … .the inheritance tax. Well, perhaps … the inheritance tax doesn’t exist right now, but it will come back I am sure. And there are the Bush tax cuts, — largely for the wealthy.” (Crowd chattering in disagreement) (Crowd responds)

Then at 5:30 a woman chastises Stark for how the government is spending. And then Stark says, “Hey one at a time, it’s hard to hear about all these brilliant ideas” using sarcasm. Total contempt for the people.

At 10:29 is when Pete Stark says that the “Federal government can do most anything.”

The condescension and the superiority of this man is what’s so amazing. Our elected officials believe that they’re our rulers.

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