Pfeiffer Forgets To Include The Apology In Apologizing To Krauthammer

Remember the other day when White House Communication Weenie Dan Pfeiffer insulted Charles Krauthammer of the Churchill Bust, calling Charles a liar? Charles said he wanted an apology as Dan was full of mule fritters. Supposedly, this is it

Yesterday following his column, I sent the following email to Charles Krauthammer. Charles asked that I make the email public and I have agreed.


I take your criticism seriously and you are correct that you are owed an apology. There was clearly an internal confusion about the two busts and there was no intention to deceive. I clearly overshot the runway in my post. The point I was trying to make — under the belief that the Bust in the residence was the one previously in the Oval Office– was that this oft repeated talking point about the bust being a symbol of President Obama’s failure to appreciate the special relationship is false. The bust that was returned was returned as a matter of course with all the other artwork that had been loaned to President Bush for display in his Oval Office and not something that President Obama or his Administration chose to do. I still think this is an important point and one I wish I had communicated better.

A better understanding of the facts on my part and a couple of deep breaths at the outset would have prevented this situation. Having said all that, barring a miracle comeback from the Phillies I would like to see the Nats win a world series even if it comes after my apology


Dan Pfeiffer

When will the apology come? Does anyone actually see it in that email to Charles? I see that Charles is owed an apology? Pfeiffer never actually gets around to saying “Charles, I apologize, I’m sorry for calling you a liar”. Pfeiffer does admit that he was totally wrong, so, at least, there is that.

Try doing this with your significant other, a friend, Mom: “hey, I owe you an apology.” And see how long said person stares at you waiting.

Humorously, none of the usual suspects on the Left, who went bat guano crazy in supporting Pfeiffer’s original assertion, have bothered mentioning the Pfeiffer “apology”, and, more importantly, that yeah, Obama refused the British offer to keep that particular bust.

  • Joshuapundit wonders who ordered Pfeiffer to make the sorta apology.
  • Nice Deb: Notice how (Pfeiffer’s) first weaselly instinct was to make the apology in private. Fortunately, Krauthammer demanded full vindication.
  • PJ Tattler: The British took the return of the bust as an insult and an ominous sign for our cross-Atlantic relationship. They have turned out to be right about that.

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