Planned Parenthood Was “Hacked”, This is Now Their HOME PAGE

Planned Parenthood Was “Hacked”, This is Now Their HOME PAGE

I suspected it was all a PR ploy and this pretty much nails it. It is such a blatant move to not only cover their behinds during the ongoing scandal now revolving around the videos that have been released, but to provide additional leverage for getting more donations. Look at us! We’re victims of a conservative conspiracy! Don’t mind the dead baby parts lying all around us. We don’t profit from those at all. What a monstrous lie. Planned Parenthood was also falsely putting big corporations on their site and a number of those have now demanded that their names be removed because of public pressure. This lame PR move was uncovered by bloggers immediately. That’s why I love the new media – they are a weapon of transparency against dirt bags that include the butchers of Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood Hack

From Young Conservatives:

With the negative response Planned Parenthood is getting after multiple videos have been released showing the miscreants who work for the organization engaging in the sale of body parts from aborted babies, it’s kind of obvious they’re getting desperate.

So desperate in fact that the organization has went so far as to put up a ridiculous homepage claiming their site was hacked and “under attack by extremists.”

Oh, please. Give me a break.

Take a look at this for yourself.

From Breitbart:

As Breitbart News reported, PP claimed that it had been hacked on Sunday evening.

The hacking followed several weeks of extremely negative press for PP in response to videos released by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP). So far, three videos have been released (See here, here, and here for Breitbart News’ coverage), and more are promised soon.

Unlike most other website hacking events that have made the news, PP’s website was not altered to display any message from the alleged hackers. Nor was it otherwise vandalized. The website that first reported the alleged hacking, The Daily Dot, noted that the hackers were unable to deface PP’s website or access its Twitter account, but that they claimed to have accessed emails and other databases.

Intriguingly, while PP’s website does not show any negative changes from the alleged hackers, it does display a message that many critics are challenging as a public relations stunt. Even if PP was legitimately targeted by hackers over the weekend, there are a number of indicators that at this point, their website issues have been deliberately triggered.

As of Wednesday evening, visitors to would find a nearly empty site with text stating that: “We apologize, but our website is not available because of an extremist attack. 200,000 people a day are now being blocked from information and care by this attack.” The message reflects one of the group’s favorite strategies: to shield the details of their abortion services behind claims that they are simply providing “women’s health” or “reproductive services.”

Planned Parenthood Hack

Apparently that little “learn more” button takes you to a donation page. Seems a bit shady, doesn’t it?

The donation page says:

Planned Parenthood has been the target of hackers seeking to intimidate and silence us. Hundreds of thousands of patients who rely on for health information and services have been denied access.

The attacks on Planned Parenthood are an attempt to cut people off from care, plain and simple. We can’t let that happen, and we won’t. Please chip in what you can to help make sure patients can get the care they need — and ensure that Planned Parenthood can’t be silenced.

Planned Parenthood Hack

Here’s some more evidence that could potentially point to this being a PR stunt.

Their site is so hacked right now that someone has been rearranging CSS fonts and alignment.

— Stephen Miller (@redsteeze) July 30, 2015

They even titled their landing page “Campaigns” and misspelled “Template” in source coding. Hilarious.

— Stephen Miller (@redsteeze) July 30, 2015

And look at the code… All prepped for Twitter cards?

— Wojciehowicz (@Wojciehowicz) July 30, 2015

LOL! Actually @PPact changed their facebook post about the fake “hacking” FOUR TIMES. Wow you suck at false attacks.

— el Sooper ن (@SooperMexican) July 30, 2015

Certainly seems like Planned Parenthood is trying to pull a fast one and find some way to drum up some additional funds.

These people are despicable, I mean they’re selling baby body parts for crying out loud, the idea they could be orchestrating a PR stunt doesn’t seem all that far fetched to me!

Planned Parenthood needs to be defunded, like yesterday, so it’s imperative we keep applying pressure to Congress to take action and do it now. Not tomorrow. Now.

Seriously? People who would butcher millions of babies to harvest their organs and parts would have no problem whatsoever lying on their web site. They are pushing blame off themselves onto others. It’s what Marxists do. When all else fails, play the victim. The problem is that evil is inherently stupid and these guys aren’t even clever enough to make sure their spelling is correct. The code is amateurish and just laughable. SooperMexican is right – these people suck at feigning false attacks. Whatever they are paying their PR firm, it is way too much.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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