Police Assault Man for Filming Them From His Porch

Here we go again with police breaking the law by becoming thugs when they see someone making video of an arrest, this time it is in Petersburg, Virginia.

The police HAVE to stop this nonsense of assaulting bystanders merely because they are recording video of officers in public doing their duty. But here we go again, anyway.

Dramatic cellphone video out of Petersburg, Virginia, shows just how quickly a situation can go sideways.

The video, obtained by WWBT-TV, shows 17-year-old JaQuan Fisher standing on his front porch filming police officers make several arrests. When an officer sees him recording, the chaotic altercation was set into motion.

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“Unless you want me to take your phone from you,” and officer is heard saying moments before a wild struggle ensued.

The Supreme Court has already spoken and said that it is legal for bystanders to record police as long as they are not in the way of the police carrying out their duties. Unfortunately it has not gotten down to every last police agency in the nation.

The outrageous thing here is that the guy the cops assaulted was charged and so was his mother. Both actually got a conviction on misdemeanors, but neither should have had any charges at all.

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