Politico Covers Liberal Rage, Almost Insinuates It Was Ginned Up

Most MSM outlets have mostly ignored the violence, disgusting and harsh rhetoric, and violent and disgusting signs at the liberal rallies of late, mostly occurring in Madison, Wisconsin. The Politico decides to finally take a stab at them, and, it turns out just like you would think

Videos become a weapon in Wisconsin fight

I don’t think that headline supports Obama’s new civility, but, of course, they mean that Conservatives are using them as a weapon, and, in Liberal World, weapons are bad, we should all sit back, have a Coke, and sing Kumbaya.

Stung by allegations of incendiary, racist and homophobic rhetoric at tea party rallies last year, conservative activists with flipcams and camera phones have circulated at the union protests sprouting up across the country in hopes of catching violent or abusive behavior by their liberal adversaries. (snip, a few paragraphs about the videos, discourse, and signs)

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t’s no coincidence that conservative corners of the web seem inundated with videos and photos of Democrats and union supporters using offensive or violent rhetoric, and even physically engaging with tea partiers. Conservative leaders have been encouraging activists to try to record their pro-union opponents, and to use the kind of confrontational tactics that liberals say are meant to provoke.

Got that? They’re insinuating that the incidents are ginned up and caused by Conservatives. All the rage, Hitler talk, death to Scott Walker shouts, and Hitler signs (and the one about sexually assaulting Scott Walker’s kids) are just a creation of Conservatives, who have apparently goaded the peaceful and super duper nice liberals into performing these stunts.

FreedomWorks urged its members to head out to pro-union rallies last weekend and “to take their flipcams, take their IPhones, get down there, get pictures, get video, upload it to their local blogs, tweet about it and get it back to us,” said Steinhauser, who plans to take a highlight reel “and then go to reporters and editors — particularly people who covered the tea party and wrote stories about racism in the rallies – and say to them: ‘look at this stuff, why aren’t you guys covering this?’”

And that apparently proves that everything the Left has done, which we have seen at Liberal rally after liberal rally, especially about Bush, were all ginned up.

Now, you can go on reading the next two pages of the Politico story, which mentions Michelle Malkin and Andrew Breitbart several times, but, flip the story around, and consider the way it would be written, and how much media coverage there would be, if it was Conservatives doing this. Every sign, every utterance would be covered in minute detail. Every single protester on the right who goes overboard (and, some have, we know that) is highlighted. But…

The mainstream media might be reluctant to give wider coverage to the videos and photos being circulated by the right because the extreme rhetoric of some union supporters isn’t being echoed by high-profile liberals, suggested Mark Crispin Miller, a media studies professor at New York University.

“There’s a difference between grassroots anger and profanity, on the one hand, and extremely prominent public figures making violent remarks on the other,” he said. “Most of the Democratic criticism of inflammatory speech was aimed at prominent public figures in the Republican Party or the right-wing media. Sarah Palin was the one who urged people to reload. Glenn Beck has made several incendiary remarks.”

Interesting. No mention of the “targeting” maps by the Daily Kos and DLCC, and DLC. No mention of the harsh and incendiary remarks by Keith Olberman, Rachael Maddow, and other liberal commentators. I wonder why?

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