President Chump Lives In His Own Little Progressive World, As Highlighted By The Mass. Election

Two stories jump out at me this morning, showing just how divorced from reality Obama is, stories that show he cares little for what the American people want and think. Starting out, here is the text of an ad featuring President Chump for Marcia, er, Martha Coakley

SCRIPT Mr. Obama says: “Martha knows the struggles Massachusetts working families face because she’s lived those struggles. She’s fought for the people of Massachusetts every single day. As attorney general, she took on Wall Street and recovered millions for Massachusetts taxpayers. She went after big insurance companies, took on predatory lenders. That’s what Martha Coakley’s about. Every vote matters. Every voice matters. We need you on Tuesday.”

I’ve seen this commercial on the news several times, and it jumps out that the things Obama stresses are not law, order, putting bad guys away, safeguarding the People of Massachusetts from child predators, killers, and rapists, things an AG should be focused on, but, instead, going after those mean Wall Street folks who help actually, you know, create wealth. It almost reminds me of what Cracked write about Keira Knightley’s characters speech in Pirate’s Of The Caribbean 3, where she “gives a rousing speech about freedom from oppression, to a bunch of rapists, killers and thieves. She then leads her rag tag fugitive fleet into battle against the evil forces of progress who are trying to stop them from raping, killing and thieving. You go, girl!” You go, Obama!

Next up, if Scott Brown wins, what will Obama do? Realize that a loss in one of the most far left states in the Union shows that his agenda, along with that of the far left Dem leaders in Congress, is not popular with the People, and, perhaps, he should take a sharp turn towards the middle as Clinton did? Er, no

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President Barack Obama plans a combative response if, as White House aides fear, Democrats lose Tuesday’s special Senate election in Massachusetts, close advisers say.

“This is not a moment that causes the president or anybody who works for him to express any doubt,” a senior administration official said. “It more reinforces the conviction to fight hard.”

“The response will not be to do incremental things and try to salvage a few seats in the fall,” a presidential adviser said. “The best political route also happens to be the boldest rhetorical route, which is to go out and fight and let the chips fall where they may. We can say, ‘At least we fought for these things, and the Republicans said no.’”

So, rather than listen to what the American People are saying, he plans on ignoring the will of the People even more than he already has, and attempt to ram through unpopular legislation and measures. Of course, many Democrats in the Senate and House may have something to say themselves, such as “are you out of your frigging mind? We’d like to keep our jobs, thank you very much.” But, hey, go for it, Barry, since that will guarantee an even larger win for the GOP in 2010.

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