Prime Time Slime: Larry King Says Sarah Palin Should Pose for Playboy

I know. I had forgotten that show was still on the air, too. Well, I suppose even Michael Moore needs a show to appear on where he is actually slightly more attractive than the host. Anyway, Larry “I literally am older than dirt” King is at it again. Not content with just exposing his serial cheating this week, he also had to expose his creepy and sexist tendencies.

Larry “I Do Remember the Maine” King had Sarah Silverman on his CNN show the other night when the subject of Sarah Palin came up. Oh yeah, the subject didn’t just organically pop up either. That doesn’t happen with Larry any longer; he needs pills for that now.

Ah, can’t you just bask in their tolerant, enlightened, progressive glory? His producers urged him to ask the question. Purposefully. Why? For what fathomable reason? Is Sarah Silverman suddenly some policy wonk? In what world? Wait, I suppose the same world that results in the election of Al “Stuart Smalley” Franken to Senator. Sigh. In any event, they clearly were hoping for a Sarah Palin bash and they got it. Via newsbusters:

LARRY KING, HOST: We can’t leave without asking you, my producers say I must ask you. Sarah Palin, what do you think? Sarah Palin? I got to say her name because we have to say it every night.

Sarah Palin. What do you say?

SARAH SILVERMAN: Oh, about what? Her posing in “Playboy”? I think she should go for it.

KING: Agreed. Thank you, Sarah.

SILVERMAN: Thank you.

My goodness, are they obsessed with her or what? They have to mention her every night, says Larry! It’s like a bunch of mean high school girls sitting around every night scrawling frantically in their slam books because the smart, popular girl is, you know, smart and popular. Instead of bitter and miserable like they are. In Larry’s case, his constant and obsessive bashing of Sarah Palin seems to be a case of the old being a meany pants to the girl you really like-like.

She should be in Playboy. Huh. The trampy meme seems to be especially popular with the Left, especially when it comes to attractive Conservatives, and even their children, as David Letterman so hatefully and disgustingly proved not too long ago. Where is the outrage from the faux-feminists (Femogynists)? What if someone suggested that Democrat Rep. Louise Slaughter (and her dead sister’s teeth) should pose for Playboy? I know, I couldn’t even keep a straight face whilst typing that. But, you get the point. It’s okay to be misogynistic and sexist, as long as the woman isn’t the “the right kind” of woman.

Palin is the popular, pretty girl who doesn’t fit the liberals’ ideological agenda nor their idea of what a woman should be. I mean, she got pregnant and chose not to abort! She managed to have a career and children! While they claim they want women to “have it all,” that has been exposed as utter lip service. They actually believe that there is a conflict between motherhood and self-fulfillment. As such, they become insane with jealousy and rage when a successful, conservative mother proves them wrong.

Since I am a true feminist, unlike the modern day self-proclaimed ones, I’ll speak out against Larry King:

Dear Larry King: Please, stop talking. Now. You are dirty old man creepy. You are a bitter, sexist man and you have gone from irrelevant hack to utterly revolting in one fell swoop. Try working on yourself before sneering at others.

You’re welcome.

(Originally posted at NewsReal, Cross-posted at RedState and my bloggy)

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