Profiles in Democrat Excellence: Inez Dickens

It won’t be easy to dig downward from its current political leadership, but New York City might yet manage by elevating City Council member Inez Dickens:

A Harlem pol hoping to become the next City Council speaker has racked up more than $265,000 in unpaid code violations, property taxes and water bills on four decrepit apartment buildings she co-owns, The Post has learned.

Records show that Democratic Councilwoman Inez Dickens – the head of the council’s Ethics Committee – and older sister Delores Richards are on the hook for nearly 200 infractions over dangerous and disgusting conditions that include missing smoke detectors, broken wooden flooring, faulty electrical outlets, peeling paint and mold.

Obama’s slumlord crony Tony Rezko would be proud.

Dickens, a contender to replace mayoral candidate Christine Quinn as council speaker next year, was even cited for illegally slapping political posters on or around the buildings, which were formerly owned by her dad, the late self-made millionaire and state Assemblyman Lloyd Dickens.

The political ads were designed to aid such cronies as embattled Rep. Charles Rangel (D-Harlem) and New York Supreme Court Judge Milton Tingling, as well as Manhattan Surrogate’s Court Judge Nora Anderson, who beat the rap on campaign-finance-fraud charges in 2010.

Thick as thieves, those NYC pols.

Dickens refused to discuss any of her debts with The Post last week, slamming the door to her apartment after calling a reporter “you lying piece of s–t.”

Definitely City Council speaker material.

When the government is done nationalizing healthcare, it will eventually get around to housing. After all, we can’t have some people living in mansions while others don’t have a roof over their head, especially considering that housing is a human right. Then every bureaucrat will be a slumlord; Dickens’s experience will serve her well.

Inez Dickens radiates the glamor of power.

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