Punks Invade Home, Confront Armed Homeowner, Get so Scared They call Police on Themselves!

Here is a tale that once again proves that criminals are not the smartest subset of humanity. Two halfwits in Oregon invaded a home and began beating the resident, but when he grabbed a shotgun and fired two warning shots, these doofuses ran out of the home and called police. You can guess who got arrested…

Well, maybe in this day and age you can’t really guess because too many times it is the innocent man arrested because he had a eeeeevil gun. But in this case it turned out right

Two homeless men entered an Oregon home and started beating a man with a baseball bat early Wednesday morning, the Coos County Sheriff’s Office said.

Authorities responded to the home just before 3 a.m. to a report of shots fired – but it wasn’t the alleged aggressors who had fired them.

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According to the sheriff’s office, the 23-year-old victim pulled out a shotgun and fired two warning rounds into the air after Joseph E. Killingsworth, 27, and Johnny R. Moore, 25, entered his home and started attacking him, KVAL-TV reported.


The two homeless men, terrified, fled the scene and called police to report that they had been fired upon. They were subsequently arrested and charged with assault.

OK, all sorts of brilliant here, right? At least police arrested the right parties this time.

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