Race-Based Looting Spree Begins in New York

Candidate Bill de Blasio could not have made it more clear that he had no intention of representing all New Yorkers, but planned to benefit certain groups at the expense of everyone else. You can’t say he hasn’t been living up to his campaign promises:

Abandoning a legal battle hard-fought by his predecessor, Mayor de Blasio on Tuesday agreed to have the city shell out more than $100 million to a group of 1,500 minority firefighter applicants who sued over FDNY entrance exams that were found to be biased. …

Besides back pay, the settlement includes more than $6 million to cover lost medical payments, fringe benefits and interest. The payment method hasn’t been determined and will have to be approved by a federal judge.

If evenly distributed, the payout would be about $65,000 for each member of the class action.

In a related maneuver that reveals the extent of City Hall’s new orientation, city Corporation Counsel Zachary Carter was granted permission to have controversial [i.e., radical left] Judge Nicholas Garaufis administer the plump payout and determine the lawyer fees.

Garaufis presided over the case, ruling in 2011 that the FDNY – and then-Mayor Michael Bloomberg, specifically – intentionally discriminated against minority applicants.

The notion that a liberal like Bloomberg would discriminate against blacks, who are fetishized by liberals, is preposterous. But fire departments face a problem: blacks and to a lesser degree Latinos tend to perform poorly on aptitude tests. The only way around this well-established fact is to scream that whoever gave the test must be a racist.

Racists must be punished. The most lucrative way to punish them is with lawsuits.

Whites are advised not to bother applying for a job with the FDNY in the future. Only when no “minorities” (i.e., nonwhites; literally speaking, whites are a minority in NYC, but they are not a privileged minority) can be found will you even be considered. Otherwise you will have to find some other way to generate an income so that liberals can loot it through settlements like this one. After all, in the end the jackpot justice payoff doesn’t come out of the pockets of the NYFD; it is confiscated from taxpayers who have not yet escaped the Detroit leftists are making of New York.

Asked later whether he weakened the city’s ability to negotiate a fiscally responsible settlement, the mayor dodged the issue, saying: “I think the numbers [on hiring] speak for themselves. We strive for a government that really looks like New York City,” he said. “And that just hasn’t been true at the Fire Department. So we need to move forward. I think the settlement is part of how we move forward.”

To translate: “Fiscally responsible settlement? Are you nuts? I am not here to govern. I am here to pander to my base and to loot.”

Vulcan Society attorneys were awarded $3.7 million by Garaufis, but are seeking additional payment.

At least lawyers make out well under liberal rule.

On a tip from Sean C. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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