Racist Trump Hate Crimes staged by extreme leftist liberals?

Racist Trump Hate Crimes staged by extreme leftist liberals?

It wasn’t long after the 2016 election that random hate crimes sparked by Donald Trump’s victory appeared across America.

But the truth is that most Americans really aren’t that racist anymore. We haven’t been racist like this in ages. There might be small pockets of intolerant racists out there, of course there is, but as a majority – the true American person isn’t really racist anymore.

When I see the mainstream media report a “Racist Trump Hate Crime” then I just laugh. Not because there’s a funny black joke involved, but because I know exactly where this nonsense is coming from and it’s not from Trump supporters.

It’s from safety-pin liberal left extremists who can’t believe the election didn’t go their way. There’s no participation award in a Presidential Election. There’s no tie. There’s nothing but a “nice try, see you in four years” and when Donald Trump won – the left couldn’t handle it.

This leads me to believe that all the random “Trump Hate Crimes” that you see are not by Trump supporters that all of a sudden think it’s a good idea to commit a crime because a Democrat woman lost the election. It doesn’t work like that.

If someone is racist, then they don’t care who the President is. They will do racist crimes regardless. And does anyone forget that Barack Obama is black? If there was ever a time for racist crimes to come out, then wasn’t it the last eight years and not now?

There might be tons of comments on the Internet about Obama, but people weren’t running around committing hate crimes in mass amounts or doing anything all that crazy in the name of, or against, the President. People didn’t like Obama because of his actions, not his skin color. Okay, fine, there’s probably a handful of people who don’t like Obama because he’s black or Muslim, but those people would’ve already committed crimes, wasted their life and probably have been in prison by now. Do you really think those wackjobs were sitting home for eight years saying, “Oh my God, I can’t wait until a white guy is elected!” – are you that dense?

People were not waiting for the last two terms of POTUS to spray paint something stupid on a wall.

This isn’t the “Make America White Again” party. If anything, this is the “Make America Strong Again” battle against the weak safe space, snowflake, loser liberals who’ve so intensely intended on ruining this country with their tolerant intolerance. Their version of “love” and “peace” is marching down the street and breaking windows, attacking people for having a different political affiliation and being the complete opposite of what they claim to be. The liberals are mentally lost people who can’t figure out their own gender, can’t accept a loss, can’t handle a moment of real life without having their feelings hurt. They are terrible people and I fully believe they are the ones committing any and all racist Trump hate crimes.

I believe the liberals are doing this because it wasn’t until Trump won the election against a poor Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton, that these crimes all-of-a-sudden popped up.

I firmly believe that liberals are the ones spray painting racist hate speech and then blaming it on the right wing Trump supporters.

When a person WINS, they don’t go around spray painting it. Right wing Trump supporters WON. They don’t need to spray paint things or do anything else. They have the ultimate “SCREW YOU” to the liberals, which is the seat at the White House.

Think about it like this – if you bought something from Amazon and it worked fine, do you really go write a review? No. Because you’re already content and satisfied. You’re good to go. Happy people don’t need to vent or do anything drastic. They go about their day, go to work, hang out at the park, do normal people things like use the correct bathroom, etc…

But…if you buy an item that breaks, totally sucks and makes you angry – do you write a review? Yes, because YOU’RE ANGRY and YOU’RE TRIGGERED!

Which brings me back to the point – the ANGRY TRIGGERED LIBERALS are committing Donald Trump hate crimes and blaming them on the Trump supporters.

Even worse is that numerous accounts of liberals have physically attacked Trump supporters. The anti-Trump people have broken things, attacked people and beat them up, and wrecked personal and storefront property.

Who do you think is more likely to spray paint a swastika on the wall? A content Trump supporter sitting at home, totally cool with the results and not going out to protest? Or, the angry triggered liberal who thinksl “I need to make the Trump supporters look racist” – when in fact, we all know that the liberals and Democrats are more racist than anyone.

Wait a second! There’s another good point! Liberals and Democrats have a history of calling everyone racist.

Would it be crazy to say that they’re the ones spray painting racist things and then blaming everyone else? Sounds totally like something they would do, right?

These staged liberal Trump hate crimes need to be called out.

Here’s a few examples of liberal hate, their crimes and how they’re blaming Trump supporters.

I’m 99.9% sure that a person who visits safe spaces and wears a safety-pin wrote this. A Trump supporter wouldn’t do this after a victory. If they were going to do this, they would’ve done it ages ago. They don’t need to do this if there’s a victory. Nothing speaks more than our vote, therefore there’s no need for any Trump supporters to post anything stupid like this. Also, if more blacks voted for Hillary Clinton, then maybe she would’ve won. However, she didn’t, which makes me wonder – do black folks like the change that Trump represents?


This is something you might see once in a blue moon, but my point is this – an actual Trump supporter would not wait until there’s a victory. If the Trump supporter was racist, they would’ve done this months ago. Not this week. Not after a victory. This was triggered by Trump’s victory and an angry leftist wrote it, took the picture, then reported it. They’re trying to throw shade on the Trump supporters. It’s not working.


If this was done this week, then it was done by a liberal or a Democrat. If it was done months ago, then sure – maybe it was done by that one bad apple who doesn’t represent all of America. Thing is, it was just reported on CNN this week, so what does that tell you? Clinton News Network sparking racist reactions? Nah, they don’t ever do that!


When liberals and Democrats aren’t writing racist things on walls and blaming Trump supporters, then they’re at violent protests and calling for the public to “rape Melania.” I thought the liberals were all about peace and love? Maybe some people have a rape fantasy, but I’m certain that’s not what these nut-bags want. Calling for the rape of the President Elect’s wife is not very loving. If they’re willing to do this in public (the sign, not the rape), then they would have no problem writing racist Trump things in a bathroom, would they? These fools can’t even keep their persona straight. Their entire existence is as confused as their gender.


Typical race-baiting garbage from the Huffington Post, one of the most liberal dreck filled vomitoriums on the Internet. If there was a website for people who need safe spaces, then this is it. A vote is not a crime, it’s a responsibility. If your liberal and Democrat people had more of it, then maybe they’d know a thing or two. And let’s be honest, with all the fatherless babies coming out of the ghetto, how do the Democrats ever lose an election? They make 5-8 kids per household who can eventually vote, so I don’t see how the Democrats and liberals lose. Oh, they’re sometimes in jail. I guess you can’t vote from prison? Or they’re just irresponsible welfare queen adults who lack the inner drive to be something better. Keep marching for $15 an hour because that frees up the opening for manager when forward thinking people walk in and want to be the boss instead of the bottom dweller who sits on their Obama phone and messes up every other order because they can’t read thanks to dropping out of school in 7th grade.


I can’t even comment on this mentally deranged Facebook post. I’m almost certain that she lacks attention, needs some of those free hugs and needs a safe space with padded walls so she can bang the stupid out of her head.

If Ted Cruz was elected, would there be this much outrage?

If anyone protesting with #NotMyPresident needs a reminder, then I’ll leave this for you.


Frank Lea

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