Rand Paul Says Jeb Bush is ‘Democrat Light,’ Says He’s Just Like Hillary Clinton

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has come out swinging against possible Presidential opponent and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. Paul says that Bush is little else but “Democrat light” and is just as bad as Hillary.

Bush is being slammed by every conservative as a big government-lover, a Common Core pusher, and a moderate that cannot get the vote of the base. Rand Paul seems to agree and is playing to that perception.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) slammed former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush as a “Democrat-light” who’s “almost like Hillary Clinton but not quite,” in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News at the South By Southwest conference.

Paul also laid out his vision for his pathway to victory, should he jump in with a race for the White House as many expect him to—and explained how he plans to build a unique coalition of voters to win the GOP nomination and then the general election.

Paul told Breitbart News:

“We believe that the message of ‘leave me alone’ that forms sort of the ‘leave me alone coalition’ forms this group of people that we think supports the things I’m trying to do is a big enough and broad enough coalition to win in a Republican primary but is also a big enough and broad enough to bring independents and others afterwards. There are two different tactics you could try to do if you want to bring in independents: You could be Democrat-light and run the Jeb Bush campaign that’s uncomfortable with the grassroots of your party and you could run this campaign that’s like ‘I’m almost like Hillary Clinton but not quite’ and then you can get the independents or I think you could run a truly principled campaign as a Constitutional conservative but also still show how the message that big government messes everything up from business to taxes to regulation also can be applied to criminal justice. That big government messes up criminal justice and doesn’t treat people fairly because big government is incompetent. Big government is incapable of feting out justice sometimes because it is too large. So I think there is a possibility, a great possibility, a truly principled Constitutional limited government conservative message, could resonate out to a bigger audience. We try to take it everywhere. We also try to go where Republicans haven’t been going, to the tech community, to historically black colleges, to Berkeley, to places like that with a hope of showing that we can broaden the message. That’s what people will want if we’re the nominee.”

Paul had more to say and you must go to Breitbart to read the whole report.

One has to wonder how Jeb thinks he can get the votes of the base after he has spent the better part of a year attacking conservatives and saying he would work to oppose them? You remember who else did that? Yeah. John McCain. He was a big loser, too.

What do you think about big government-lover Jeb Bush? Tell us in the comments.

Warner Todd Huston

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