Raul Grijalva Demonstrates Alinsky Tactics as Employed by the Ruling Class

What happens to the “ends justify the means” guerilla tactics radicals use to attack the establishment when they become the establishment? Do they go out the window in favor of sound moral principles? They do not — as demonstrated by Saul Alinsky acolytes Barack Hussein Obama and Raul Grijalva:

Arizona Rep. Raul Grijalva, the ranking Democrat on the House Natural Resources Committee, recently caused a stir by sending letters to seven university presidents seeking background information on scientists and professors who had given congressional testimony that failed to endorse what is the conventional wisdom in some quarters regarding climate change. One of the targets was Steven Hayward, a colleague of mine at Pepperdine’s School of Public Policy.

Though the congressman lacked legal authority to demand information, his aggressive plan, which came to light in late February, should not be a surprise at a time when power holders from the White House on down are employing similar means against perceived enemies.

Mr. Grijalva left a clue about how he operates in 2013 when the magazine In These Times asked about his legislative strategy. “I’m a Saul Alinsky guy,” he said, referring to the community organizer and activist who died in 1972, “that’s where I learned this stuff.”

What sort of stuff? Mr. Grijalva sent his letters not to the professors but to university presidents, without (at least in the case of Mr. Hayward) the professors’ knowledge. Mr. Hayward was not even employed by Pepperdine at the time of his congressional testimony in 2011.

But targeting institutions and their leaders is pure Alinsky; so are the scare tactics. Mr. Grijalva’s staff sent letters asking for information about the professors, with a March 16 due date—asking, for instance, if they had accepted funding from oil companies—using official congressional letterhead, and followed up with calls from Mr. Grijalva’s congressional office. This is a page from Alinsky’s book, in both senses of the word: “Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have,” reads one tip in his 1971 “Rules for Radicals.”

In the bizarre upside-down world leftist radicals have us living in, merely associating someone with the industry that enables our standard of living by providing us with energy is sufficient to destroy his reputation, at least in the liberal-dominated universities and media. For the most part the latter was happy to help Grijalva go after scientists with the integrity to question the global warming hoax.

The congressman’s office arranged additional pressure by notifying national and local media that these professors were under “investigation.” On the day the letters went out, the Washington Post blared: “House Dems: Did Big Oil seek to sway scientists in climate debate?”

To its credit, the Arizona Republic noted that Grijalva’s jihad “fits the classic definition of a witch hunt.”

Why would the people of Arizona — the state of Barry Goldwater, personification of ruggedly independent liberty-minded conservativism — elect a socialist like Grijalva, who promoted a boycott of his own state? Because Grijalva’s district, which stretches along the undefended border, consists mainly of Mexicans.

That’s why Democrats will not lift a finger to stop the invasion until after Arizona (and Texas) have been turned blue by government-dependent Third Worlders. Their malevolent ends justify their unscrupulous means once again.

Obama Grijalva
The ruling class: Grijalva and an Alinskyite colleague.

On a tip from Varla. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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