Reid Says Greatest Living Americans Are Senators Byrd and Kennedy?

Harry Reid (D, Nev.) isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, apparently. In an interview with CBN’s David Brody, Senator Reid replied that the greatest living American was Ted Kennedy. Reid then added West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd to the short list. Oddly enough, both of these “greatest living” Senators died earlier this year.

In the interview, Brody asks Reid, “Can you think of a greatest living American?”

Reid replied with: “I’m glad I had the opportunity to know Ted Kennedy. Whether you agreed with him or not, what a life he lead with his two brothers being assassinated, his other brother being killed in World War II. And Robert Byrd who just died. What a… he was in the Congress of the United States for more than 25 percent of the time that we have been a country. That’s fairly remarkable.”

I guess we can’t expect Harry Reid to have the attention span to grasp an eight-word question, right? I mean, after all, he’s busy “running the country.”

Yeah, so he says. He’s “running the country.”

I wasn’t aware that when one became Senate Democrat Majority leader one was suddenly “running the country”? But in his arrogance, Reid sure thinks he is doing so because in another interview that same week Reid told the Examiner that this is what he is doing.

When asked why he hasn’t done much campaigning for his reelection effort back in Nevada, Reid told the Examiner, “I’ve been running the country, or at least helping to run it.”

Really. YOU’VE been running the country, Senator Reid? From what most political observers have determined you haven’t even been able to run the Senate effectively, much less the whole country.

But this is the arrogance of Democrats. One might recall that during the transition period right after the 2008 election, presidential adviser Valerie Jarratt told NBC’s Meet The Press that Obama was “ready to rule” on day one. Ready to “rule,” Mz Jarrett? This is a kingdom now? Obama doesn’t “rule” us, Mz. Jarrett, he governs… and badly at that.

So what do we have with the presumptuous Democrat Party? We have presidential advisers thinking that politicians “rule” us and Senators thinking they “run the country.” This is hubris in the extreme.

Let’s hope that November 2 puts a dent in this arrogance, eh?

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