Remember The Days When Dems Considered These Bad Jobs?

Going back to when unemployment was at historical lows, Democrats continuously claimed that the US was not adding “good jobs,” because many of them were temporary and/or part time. Today? Not a peep

Employers added 431,000 nonfarm jobs nationwide in May, the biggest increase in a single month in a decade, the Labor Department said Friday. But the bulk of the growth was in government jobs, driven by hiring for the Census, and private-sector job growth was weak.

The unemployment rate fell to 9.7 percent nationwide, from 9.9 percent in April, the department said.

Nancy Pelosi carped in the way back machine “where are the jobs, Mr. President?” I also distinctly remember her, Reid, and Obama saying things about the unemployment rate never going that high if we just passed the Stimulus. Reid and Pelosi also whined heavily about the deficit and jobs in response to Bush’s 2005 SOTU, including

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Too many of the president’s economic policies have left Americans and American companies struggling. And after we worked so hard to eliminate the deficit, his policies have added trillions to the debt — in effect, a “birth tax” of $36,000 on every child that is born.

Anyhow, moving on

“These new data do not present a picture of a healthy private-sector growth, and nothing closely resembling the job growth needed to dig us out of our very deep hole,” Lawrence Mishel, the president of the Economic Policy Institute, said in a statement.

Altogether, 411,000 of the jobs added were for Census workers whose positions will disappear after the summer.

So, simply math shows that there were only 20,000 actual jobs added during the month. That doesn’t seem to indicate a health economy. Meanwhile, not only are these the types of jobs Democrats called bad during the Bush years, they are more government jobs, over-paid and under-performed. Do we really need this many Census workers for this long?

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