Republican Governors Association Video: Remember November

I was going to submit this without comment, because the video speaks for itself. However, it appears that the video is even more effective than I first thought. Allahpundit at Hot Air notes that Time Magazine (I know. I was surprised to learn that it’s still in:  publication, too) is already frothing at the mouth over the ad. Apparently, according to Time Magazine, the ad means that Republican Governors are paying “homage to Guy Fawkes.”:  If you have the stomach for it, go read the comments over at that article post. They are extra delusional! Says Time:

The Republican Governors Association has embraced the symbolism of Fawkes, launching a rather striking website,, with a video that showcases far more Hollywood savvy than one can usually expect from Republicans. Again, the Fawkes tale has been twisted a bit. This time, President Obama plays the roll of King James, the Democratic leadership is Parliament, and the Republican Party represents the aggrieved Catholic mass.

Sigh. They are even wrong about the snide “Hollywood savvy” part; the Daily Caller reports the ad was done in house by young staffers.

We Will Remember from Republican Governors Association on Vimeo.

Awesome. To me, it brings to mind my new favorite quote from a sign at a recent tea party rally:

“I can see November from my house.”

Well done, RGA. Well done.

(Originally posted at RedState)

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