Republicans Need To Learn How To Play The Game On Social Security & Medicare

Republicans Need To Learn How To Play The Game On Social Security & Medicare

Here’s the conundrum America finds itself in.

Getting spending in D.C. under control without reforming Medicare and Social Security is impossible. Yet, tampering with Medicare and Social Security is unpopular. The problem is, if we don’t get spending in D.C. under control, we’re going to go bankrupt and payments to existing Medicare and Social Security recipients are eventually going to be dramatically reduced or cut off altogether. That’s why, if you really want to protect Social Security and Medicare, you favor some kind of reform because without it, both programs are doomed.

Naturally, since the Democrat Party is run by childlike liberals who care a lot about remaining in power and very little about doing what’s right for the country, we get ads like this one.

The theme of the ad is supposed to be that Republicans want to end Medicare, so how will you pay your bills? Of course, that’s not true. In Paul Ryan’s plan, benefits for current recipients aren’t touched and the system is reformed, not ended, so it can be made sustainable over the long haul.

The problem is that Republicans are too often content just to set the record straight. However, merely correcting Democrat lies about Republicans is a losing message because a lot of people don’t pay attention. Instead, Republicans need to go further and tell the truth: It’s the Democrats who are going to kill Medicare and Social Security by refusing to reform it. Here’s a parody of that video from Ezra Dulis that does exactly that.

Don’t fight just by correcting the record; fight it by showing an old woman laying in the snow, breathing her last breath and falling dead into a dish of dogfood that she’s eating because Democrats blocked reform and her payments were cut off. Show a landlord throwing an old woman down the stairs because her Social Security check bounced and her looking up pitifully and asking, “But, where will I go?”

We’re the ones who’re trying to save the program. They’re the ones who’re on track to bankrupt the country and kill the funding for both programs by spending the country into the ground. They should be the ones playing defense, not us, but it can only happen if Republicans have the guts to give as good as they get on the issue.

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