Reuters Touts Obama’s Faux Tax Cuts

Reuters has apparently singed up on Obama’s communication team if its latest lovefest over his plans to favor America with “tax cuts” just in time for the January election campaign is any indication. It took four, count ’em four, Reuters reporters to come up with this one!

Reuters was pleased to note that Obama and the Democrats have now “plotted their legislative priorities for the months leading up to November’s elections” and, happy days, its tax cuts for the middle class. Of course, by that you can read “class warfare to continue to be used as a cynical campaign tool,” not that Reuters points out this truth.

Not only is Reuters pumped up about the beneficence of Obama and the Democrats who are so kind as to offer us those “middle-class tax cuts,” but the venerable news service also points out that those mean, dastardly Republicans “will not go along with” Obama’s kindness.

What do those idiot Republicans want to do? Per Reuters,

Instead, Republicans want to renew all Bush-era tax cuts that are set to expire on December 31, including those for families earning above $250,000, despite Obama’s opposition. The House is expected to vote this month on full renewal.

Uh, actually Republicans think it is not fair to raise taxes only on “the rich” so they want to keep the tax rates as they are now and not raise taxes on Americans in this depression-like economic atmosphere, an atmosphere that is a result of Obama’s failed policies… not that Reuters notes any of that.

In fact, there was a time only about a year ago when Obama himself said that raising taxes in a major economic downturn is not a good idea. And since our economic downturn never much improved since then, it would have been great if Reuters noted Obama’s current hypocrisy and pointed out that his sudden interest in middle-class tax cuts is all about his reelection.

The problem here is that Reuters doesn’t want you to know that the federal government does not have a taxing problem. It has a spending problem.

Speaking of spending, Reuters was also pleased to report that Senator Dick Durbin (D, IL) is working hard like a little beaver to create a “stop-gap spending bill to keep the government operating beyond September 30.”

Well, it’s great to see Old Dick working so hard, isn’t it? Of course, it might have been good reporting for Reuters to tell its readers that the Democrats haven’t presented a budget for the last three years, so Dick Durbin’s hard work might seem a bit cynical. Ah, but we don’t need all that truth and stuff, do we Reuters?ense–>

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