REVEALED: Bill Clinton Helped Secret Service Agent Touch Hillary Clinton’s Rear

REVEALED: Bill Clinton Helped Secret Service Agent Touch Hillary Clinton’s Rear

With all the news falling out about top Democrats (and half of Hollywood) being sex perverts, it’s worth a look back at a 2016 book written by a former Secret Service agent named Gary Byrne.

The book, entitled Crisis of Character describes Byrne’s time when he was working for the President in the Clinton’s White House and goes over some juicy fights and alleged dalliances with women who were definitely not Hillary. Boy, he took his wedding vows about as seriously as his oath of office, didn’t he? There’s one passage from Byrne that we’ll be focusing on here and then backing it up with an obsessive Clinton-watcher and author of many books describing the duo who claims to have several women who want to corroborate these stories.

In Byrne’s book, he describes a reception where he and his wife Genny met with the Clintons for a pre-Christmas photo in the Blue Room. When it was finally time for their photo together, Byrne says that Bill Clinton grabbed his hand and made him place it on Hillary’s butt. He said he was “mortified,” the picture was taken and he leaned over to his wife to say, “I think the President just put my hand on the First Lady’s” behind.

Bill took a twist on the George H.W. Bush trick (which is to simply squeeze women’s butts himself) and used it to humiliate both his wife and his employee.

As for Ed Klein, he popped up earlier this week to say that he knows that four more women are getting ready to publicize their own accusations of sexual assault by Bill, having to do with his actions after he left the office. And in the din of it all, those of us who remember the 1990s are wondering how this could possibly be news to anyone.

Previously, we reported that Ed Klein’s newest book on the Clintons gives a story that alleges that Bill threw his personal copy of Hillary’s What Happened book into the trash, claiming that the book made Hillary look “bewildered, angry and confused,” and that the title was awful because it would prompt people to say, “You lost, that’s what happened.” Bill Clinton might not know when it’s okay to sexually assault an intern, but he was right about the book title. What a lovely marriage those two must have. Ed Klein further reported that the two have not been on speaking terms in months and contact each other only through their lawyers.

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