‘Rolling Stone’ Smeared These Guys With a False Rape Story. Should They Sue? [Read Below]

The college fraternity that Rolling Stone magazine smeared as rapists in a story that ended up being a 100% false story are now suing the purported music magazine for defamation. Do you think they have a case?

You’ll recall earlier this year that Rolling Stone magazine published a story by a woman who claims she was gang raped at a college frat party on the campus of the University of Virginia. The fraternity was named in the story and so were some of the frat’s members.

But as the weeks went by after the story was published, the facts of the story came into question and it wasn’t long before other reporters had disproven nearly every part of the Rolling Stone story. It was all a 100% fake story. The magazine printed a pack of lies.

But before the truth came out the university punished the frat improperly and now the frat is claiming that its reputation has been destroyed by Rolling Stone’s false story. Three members of the frat are now suing the magazine.

Three members of the fraternity accused in a now-retracted Rolling Stone article of facilitating a brutal gang rape are suing the magazine, its publisher and the author.

George Elias IV, Ross Fowler and Stephen Hadford allege in their lawsuit that they were easily identified as members of Phi Kappa Psi who could have participated in the gang-rape, which was proved false shortly after the article was published. The three men have since graduated but allege in their lawsuit that they were subjected to harassment following the article’s publication.

Elias’ bedroom was at the top of the first flight of stairs in the fraternity house, and was “the mostly likely scene of the alleged crime,” the former students say. Elias says in the lawsuit that after “family friends, acquaintances, co-workers and reporters” identified him as one of the potential attackers, they “interrogated him, humiliated him, and scolded him.” Fowler and Hadford say they “suffered similar attacks.”

The lawsuit alleges that the students’ names and hometowns were listed online by anonymous Internet commenters, ensuring their “names will forever be associated with the alleged gang rape.”

The lawsuit also alleges that the three members have “suffered emotion turmoil” and are “still being questioned often about the article’s accusations.”

This news comes on the heels of the news that the editor who knowingly allowed the false story to get published has resigned in disgrace.

Let’s hope they bankrupt and shut down this lie-filled, left-wing rag.

Warner Todd Huston

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