Runaway Indiana Democrats Found

Wisconsin Democrats aren’t the only ones willing to throw a wrench into the gears of democracy to block the will of voters. Indiana has a similar problem:

A majority of the Democratic members of the Indiana House of Representatives have temporarily moved to an Urbana hotel in an effort to prevent votes on bills they consider to be bad for teachers, workers and families [or rather, bad for the pathologically greedy unions that bankroll their campaigns].

“This is not a walkout; it’s a seminar that is taking place in a lovely place: Urbana, Illinois,” said Indiana House Minority Leader Patrick Bauer of South Bend.

The escaped critters have been tracked down to their spider hole in lovely Urbana:




The purpose of the hide and seek is to prevent Republicans from passing right to work legislation that will ease unemployment but displease unions, as well as a voucher bill that would improve education at the expense of the NEA.

According to Bauer, the Indiana House has 100 members — 60 Republicans and 40 Democrats. He said a minimum of 67 members need to be present to have a quorum to vote on bills.

Since they are willing to go so far out of their way to impede the democratic process (which Bauer calls “the tyranny of the majority”), maybe we need a new name for Democrats. How about if we rename it the Shamelessly Irresponsible Union Toady Party?

Tip and pics compliments of Zim. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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