Rush Limbaugh: The Phony Immunization Debate Meant to Hide The Fact That Illegals Have Caused Measles Outbreak

Last week on his daily radio broadcast, Rush Limbaugh laid out the facts about this measles outbreak as he sees it. Rush said that the sudden “debate” about immunization and the attempt by the media to make it seem that the GOP is against immunization (which it isn’t) is all a smoke screen to hide the fact that this measles outbreak was started by Obama’s outbreak of illegals flooding into the country.

Rush talked about this conspiracy on Feb. 2.

The conservative commentator blasted news reporters for their coverage of the issue, calling it a “phony debate” designed to smear GOP politicians. He charged that “it’s another attempt at recreating the war on women; it’s designed to destroy Republicans, particularly Republicans running for president.”

Limbaugh said the argument over vaccinations “does not exist”; that it is “a controversy that was not alive.”

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“All of a sudden now, the … meme today is a debate between (New Jersey Gov. Chris) Christie and (Kentucky Sen.) Rand Paul and others in the Republican primary field over whether or not vaccinations should be mandatory, while nobody is talking about whether or not (or) why we need them,” the talk show host said.

He continued: “We haven’t had measles in this country for ages. Why do we have it now? This is the one thing that is not being talked about in any of this, and that is Obama and his illegal immigration and the flood of measles-infected kids from Central and South America, who by the way have not been vaccinated and have not been subject to vaccinations because they’re not citizens and so forth.”

What do you think?

Warner Todd Huston

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