Saddest Letter Ever From One of Our Military Vets!

Major Mike Banzet of the U.S. Air Force retired this year after more than 20 years in service to his country. He didn’t do so happily, either. To explain himself he published a long letter in the Daily Inter Lake that is a spot on attack on America’s misguided support of the Democratic Party.

As I said Major Banzet really didn’t want to retire. He had to. He had to because he couldn’t live with a political party like the Democrats having any power at all in this country. With the anti-American attitude that the Democrat’s elected officials demonstrate, I can’t blame him.

Banzet was hardnosed and leveled serious charges. But they all ring true.

You’ve elected officials who, for partisan points, spoke openly that the “…war is lost.” I happened to be in a dining facility in Baghdad that day, filled with the (mostly) young faces of (mostly) Army men and women. CNN was on the TVs, and things got very quiet when this elected official continued on, railing that the mission that some of these very people were here to do, had “…failed.” Yet, they would be donning their body armor, strapping on med kits and weapons, mounting HMMVs or MRAPs and heading outside the wire, ensuring that the newborn democracy in Iraq, purchased with so many lives, would be safe another night. The newly re-invigorated insurgents would be waiting, teeth bared back in a hateful smile, gripping the IED detonator, the RPG launcher, or the AK-47s to ply their trade with new energy, because the Senate Majority Leader had said they were winning.

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You elected officials who continually defame and berate military members, whether it is the observation that if you’re not too bright, you’ll get “…stuck in Iraq” (this from a guy who has two Purple Hearts for self-inflicted wounds, and known for throwing someone else’s medals away in protest), or the calling of combat Marines cold-blooded killers (in a war; before trial). You’ve elected officials in the role of commander-in-chief who “loathe” the military, while using ROTC deferments and special treatment to avoid military service that the less “connected” take as a responsibility. On the basis of “change,” you elected someone who had close, ongoing associations with people who were part of an organization that tried to kill us [U.S. military] on our own soil.

You elected officials that promised to take property from some Americans, and give it to you, merely because they had more than you did. Those Americans that these officials have labeled as the “rich” are your neighbors, who provide jobs and pay far more in taxes than you ever will. That means they are already subsidizing your lifestyle choices; you just want more of their property without the responsibility of risking your wealth and labor to get it. You would rather hire someone to take it from them. And you have.

He’s dead right. Elected Democrats hate the military, they hate the constitution, hate the voters… in fact, Democrats hate the entire country and its history. They want to materially alter the U.S. until it is no longer the U.S. And that hatred of the country is untenable.

Of course, this isn’t how every rank and file Democrat voter feels about their country. But it truly is how the intelligentsia of the party as well as party leadership feels.

We must all salute Major Banzet for his service and I hope we all heed his warning against the un-American path that the Democrat Party has taken.

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