Sanders Supporters Plan A Really Stinky Protest At DNC

This is Liberal World, folks. Can you even imagine any Conservative group doing this? Not in your wildest dreams

Sanders Fans Plan DNC ‘Fart-In’ Protest of Clinton Nomination

Former Philadelphia health commissioner Dr. Walter H. Tsou can’t help but let out a light-hearted laugh when he talks about flatulence.

But for Tsou, the reason why he and others — including some Democratic delegates who support former candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders — plan to eat beans and pass gas at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia is anything but a laughing matter.

“It’s a whimsical way of raising a protest,” Tsou told NBC News. “There’s a lot of things that stink about this whole democratic primary process.”

Billed as a “fart-in,” the coordinated assault on the olfactory system is scheduled for July 28 both inside the Wells Fargo Center and outside on the street, at the moment presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton accepts the party’s nomination, organizer Cheri Honkala told NBC News.

I wonder if the media will report on this live as they start their protest? Will they show people covering their noses, waving their hands in front of their faces, gagging, and storming away? Will they mention this as it happens during their coverage? Will Democrats Against Farting bring cans of air-spray? I hope not, because aerosols are Bad for ‘climate change.’

Amazingly, this article keeps going

Using flatulence as a protest tool was, according to the Daily Kos, apparently the brainchild of Saul D. Alinsky, who coincidentally corresponded with Clinton while she was writing her 1969 Wellesley College thesis on his theories of community organizing.

Huh. Alinsky.

In the spirit of Depression-era Hoovervilles, Honkala said organizers will erect a shantytown dubbed “Clintonville” in Kensington, one of Philadelphia’s poorest neighborhoods, where protesters can load up on the musical fruit before Clinton’s nomination is announced next Thursday. Some of the city’s homeless will also be living there, she said.

How long it will take to toot will vary from person to person, Tsou said.

“My guess is that, everyone’s a little different, but within six hours or something, you’ll probably feel something,” said Tsou, who added that he’s personally partial to baked beans.

I’d actually recommend Hamburger Helper Chili Mac. Woof! The article is still going

Tsou’s own participation in the fart-in derives from his support of single-payer health care, a cornerstone of Sanders’ campaign, which called for providing universal coverage to all Americans.

Wait, what? Somehow he got from supporting single payer to a fart in? Liberal Logic.

Why yes, this article is still going

Asked about critics who might dismiss the group’s first-ever fart-in as silly or immature, Honkala, who like Tsou enjoys baked beans but with a little bacon in them, said that this novel approach to protesting focuses attention on an important conversation.

“If this is the only way that we can really begin to talk about how our political system in this country stinks — with beans — then I say so be it,” Honkala said.

Bacon? That comes from pigs, and is Bad for ‘climate change.” So are beans, because all that flatulence is methane, again, bad for ‘climate change.’ Anyhow, this is supposed to happen during the time Clinton gets the nomination, so, it might actually be worthwhile to tune in during that time period.

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