Say, About Those Shovel Ready Projects….

Where are they? Haven’t seen many so far, and, they do not seem to be available in the near future

A forward-looking measure of hiring intentions dipped slightly in the United States even as it improved in many other countries, according to a quarterly survey by Manpower Inc.

The global employment services company said its seasonally adjusted U.S. net employment outlook slipped to minus-3 for the fourth quarter, from minus-2 in the prior quarter. A year ago, the index stood at plus-9, according to the survey released on Tuesday.

Of 13 U.S. industry sectors, employers in only one — education and health services — were more positive about jobs prospects than they were in the third quarter. Other sectors — like construction, leisure and hospitality, and professional and business services — showed a deteriorating outlook.

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So, if the Generation Theft Act, er, Stimulus, was supposed to have all these shovel ready blue collar jobs, where are they? Granted, a -3 is much better than a -9, but, might we not have gotten there the same way without the Stimulus? Perhaps if considerably more than $62 billion of the $787 billion had been spent at this point, of which only 37% was for actual work projects.

Anyhow, if only $62 billion has been spent, I think Sheriff Joe could call the Generational Theft Act a complete failure. These same yahoos are estimating that the Porkulus will save/create 3,423,000 jobs in the next two years. Wasn’t Stimulus supposed to have an immediate impact? Wasn’t that why it was ramrodded through Congress before anyone could read it? How do things such as buying hybrid buses ($8.4 million) and cleaning street cars ($1 million) help? A goodly chunk of the money seems to be spent on government property, including military bases. These folks already have jobs. Why not fund them normally?

Anyhow, the Porkulus works out to $229,915 per job created/saved. To use a fun liberal talking point about Iraq, imagine if we had used that money for healthcare!

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