Science, Smoking, Healthcare, All Prove Gov’t Can’t be Trusted

Just sit back and let big daddy government show you the way. The Democrat Party is assuring us that they know better because they have science, educated people, doctors, all that “expertise” in their control and further more they “care” about us all and they want us to know that they’d never do anything to lead us astray.

If you feel like the con is about to begin, you are right.

Of course, we don’t need mere suspicion to divine that the Democrats are liars. We can look at what government and Democrats have already done in several related areas — science, smoking and healthcare — to prove that this newest attempt to “help” us is based on lies, smoke and mirrors.

Let us begin with science. In two areas we see the failure that Democrats perpetuate even with science as their justification: global warming and healthcare.

We are all by now familiar with the lies that global warming is based upon as revealed by the scheming to hide failure of the science that went on behind the scenes with the email correspondence of the “scientists” at the University of East Anglia Climatic Research Unit (CRU). The science went from settled “consensus” to “ClimateGate” in only a matter of weeks. Yet governments all across the globe have based their policies on these lies. Total failure.

A second example is healthcare. We are told that government is using only the most proficient science for its healthcare decisions. It’s what’s best, what’s needed, what will keep us healthy. Democrats say they know better, they know how to keep us alive. So, let’s take a look at some of the top “scientific” medicine that they are going to include in Obamacare.

Early this month we learned that Obamacare will include such quack medical practices as acupuncture, vitamins, or things like bee-pollen pills.

Were these non-scientific, pseudo medical practices included in Obamacare because science dictated it? No, they were included because of lobbying and/or because some non medically trained politician that wouldn’t know science from a hole in his head decided to add it to the bill and no one with a lick of sense tried to stop him from doing it. And it isn’t just the new federally mandated program now being debated in Congress that this has happened to. Every state that has a state controlled healthcare plan has these sort of unscientific additions to them.

In fact, this is inevitable. Once politicians get involved in a thing that thing quickly devolves from logic or science to mere politics and will always end up as a pay off to who ever has the most cash to donate to the politicians. That’s why they call it politics.

Finally, we can use the smoking controversy as exhibit A in the case against government.

Remember how for decades we’ve been told that the tobacco companies are evil and that they must pay to help us all kick the habit? Remember how the sharks gathered for a financial feeding frenzy at which government was the top shark? Remember also how the tobacco companies got raked over the coals by the legal system and have been paying billions of dollars to governments all across the country ever sinc? Finally, remember how that money is supposed to be used for stop smoking campaigns, health education, and medical care for folks so stupid as not to have known that smoking was dangerous to their health?

As it happens all that money that the various state governments are greedily vacuuming up from those evil tobacco companies isn’t going for the purpose that government claimed it needed it for. In fact, what little money went to actually help “victims” of tobacco has been steadily going down.

The states are collecting record amounts of revenue from the 1998 tobacco settlement and tobacco taxes, but have cut funding for programs to reduce tobacco use by more than 15 percent in the past year, according to a report released today by a coalition of public health organizations.

Of the $5.1 billion in stolen “revenue” taken in by the states to help these so-called victims of tobacco, only 2.3 percent has been used for the purpose all those government officials so sternly told us that they needed it for. Where did the rest go? To where ever and whatever governments wanted to use it for.

According to the GAO, millions of dollars of tobacco settlement money has been used by the various states for infrastructure, schools, general purpose funds, to shore up budget shortfalls, or for debt service on securitized funds. Employing its penchant as a master of understatements, the GAO said of these wasted funds that the “States are exercising their flexibility to use tobacco settlement payments for a wide variety of activities.” Ya think?

Now let us review. We have government getting caught basing policy on the falsified science of global warming and then trying to cover it up. We have money, lobbying and the whim of untrained politicians influencing what sort of medical procedures government will cover instead of basing those decisions on medical science. And we have punitive government taxation and confiscatory legal decisions to bleed tobacco companies in order to fund anti-smoking healthcare and educational polices but government isn’t using the money for those purposes and is instead spending it on all sorts of policies unrelated to tobacco.

And you want these people to take care of your health?

It would be the height of foolishness to allow government to take over our healthcare with the abomination that is Obamacare. Government has not earned this new right by its careful husbanding of its resources in any other area. They’ve ignored science, ignored medical science, and stolen money from programs meant to help its citizens and instead used those funds for political favors and wild-eyed spending.

America, the facts are in. Government cannot be trusted. Speak up and defeat Obamacare because it truly is your own life you could save.

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