Scott Lee Cohen: Case in Point How Chicago Media Covers for Criminal Democrats

Well, the Chicago controlled Illinois media has done it again. It’s allowed another unsavory Democrat candidate with criminal propensities to slide by unnoticed and to be placed before the voters un-exposed as the low-end sort of fellow he is. And, just like clockwork, this drug addled nut has been elevated to nominee by the Democrat sheeple of the Land of Lincoln — proving that Democrats will vote for a ham sandwich if one is put before them. This media malfeasance only works in favor of Illinois Democrats, though. To prove it all one need do is remember the 2004 case of Republican Jack Ryan. We have but to recall how the Illinois media destroyed this man over what they claimed in wide-eyed shock was his outrageous behavior and remember how the Chicago controlled media torpedoed this man’s career over what they felt was his unsuitability for higher office.

It’s all a pretty ho-hum tale of media malfeasance and a case of the Democrat Party’s typical sort of low-brow candidates in Chillinois… or is it Illcago? It happens all the time in here, in any case. The Democrats put up a criminal as a candidate, the media yawns and reports on some Hollywood story instead, the voters that claim a Democrat ballot vote him to the head of the class, and then the media suddenly wakes up with cries of faux outrage. It’s a typical pattern, really.

This current case is that of Scott Lee Cohen, pawn shop king, wife abuser, steroid addict, and now your Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor. The guy really has no respectable qualifications for office. As a teen he flunked out of High School — but did get his GED, at least. He was once addicted to steroids so badly that he beat up his wife repeatedly because of the fits of rage the drug brought upon him. He was once arrested for holding a knife to the throat of live-in girl friend who also happened to be a prostitute. It’s a pretty messy life Mr. Cohen’s lived.

Scott Lee Cohen is certainly the Jerry Springer candidate, here. Yet the Chicago led Illinois media was practically silent about this low-end character whose life reads like a rejected sub-plot from a bad 70s cop show. And the half-witted Democrat voters of the Sucker State* voted him right in as their official nominee for Lt. Governor. The Democrat Party isn’t above criticism, either. Cohen’s endorsement list included prominent Chicago Aldermen and groups like the Illinois Committee for Honest Government and Planned Parenthood.

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Of course, with all the many Democrat pols that end up in jail in Illinois, I can’t say that Coehn is really all that unusual at this point. But whether his past would have caused voters to shy from him or not, the media fell down on the job of bothering to inform them of it.

But this media shield doesn’t work for Republicans, does it?

Let us contrast this media behavior in Chicago/Illinois with how they treated a 2004 candidate for Senate that came from the other side of the aisle. His name was Jack Ryan and he was married to Jeri Ryan, a famous actress at the time who had been a co-star of a Star Trek spinoff TV series.

As it happened, Mr. Ryan had an interesting peccadillo or two, but no violent criminal nature. Nevertheless, the Chicago controlled Illinois media went wild with joy in order to destroy Mr. Ryan before his campaign had even fairly begun.

Not only did the media indulge a feeding frenzy over Mr. Ryan’s supposed sexual proclivities (it was claimed he wanted a threesome with his wife and a second woman and that he tried to force his wife to attend risque sex-clubs with him) but the media went so far as to look into sealed divorce records in order to get to “the truth.”

The media sonorously told us that they had a right to see these records because it was for the good of the voters. The media frenzy went from the local news all the way to CNN, the Networks and the national news establishment. The pressure got so hot that Mr. Ryan quit his bid for Senate. Once Ryan stepped down, an outsider named Alan Keyes took his place as the Republican candidate for Senate and the result was Senator Barack Obama. And you know the rest of that story.

The point is, in 2004 we had a guy that just wanted sex with his wife, albeit with some friendly onlookers, and the media went wild with efforts to expose this ne’er-do-well to the public so that they’d be “informed” about this evil, rotten Republican. Fast forward to 2009 and we have a Democrat running for Lt. Governor that was a drug addict, a wife abuser, generally a violent fellow, and one who’d taken up with a prostitute yet from the media crickets were heard. Barely a word about this man’s past was discussed by the media that was so hot to destroy a Republican but a few years earlier.

That is the major difference in how the media treats the two parties. Republicans get eviscerated, Democrats are treated with kid gloves. Do I have to say John Edwards to you?

*Illinois was nicknamed the Sucker State before it adopted the Land of Lincoln handle.

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