SEIU Union Hack Admits that Local TV Stations Help ‘Get Our Message Across’

Daniel Bice of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has a gem of a report wherein a union operative admits on tape that he and his union pals intend to launch a big campaign against Wisconsin’s GOP Gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker. That news isn’t much of a surprise, of course, but what is a surprise is that this union hack admitted on tape that Milwaukee’s local TV stations and local politicians are both sympathetic to and assisting in the union’s getting its message out.

The tape features the voice of John-David Morgan, an operative for the Service Employees International Union Local 1 (SEIU), on Sept. 10 near the Y-Not II tavern on E. Lyon St. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Morgan was recorded by a Walker campaign staffer on his cell Phone who then turned it over the Bice at the Journal-Sentinel.

The union hack admitted on tape that he is working with County Board members — such as Supervisor John Weishan — to get the goods on Walker. “I’ve got county supervisors to do this stuff so, you know, it’s not just the labor union,” Morgan said.

That is bad enough but what union hitman Morgan said of the local media is the most interesting:

That’s not to mention all the free media that Morgan has gotten from TV news coverage of his union’s rallies and activities.

Morgan specifically mentioned WTMJ-TV (Channel 4) for its coverage of the union’s press-friendly inspection of county facilities last month. Like the Journal Sentinel, the station is owned by Journal Communications.

“They’ve really been willing partners in it,” Morgan claimed of the news stations. “They come in with the TV cameras, and (channels) 58, 12 come, and 6 doesn’t always. But, yeah, they’ve been really helpful. They think it’s fun.”

So there you have it. This SEIU hitman is working closely with both local politicians and the local media to attack Republicans. Now you can see how the deck is stacked against Republicans with unions that make their living from public money working with the Old Media and elected officials both to attack them.



Well, poor old John-David Morgan was fired by the SEIU for letting slip the fact that unions are aided and abetted by the Old Media.

As Bice reports

The Service Employees International Union Local 1 announced Tuesday that it had fired an employee who was secretly recorded talking about his union’s plans to work with Democrats to try to defeat Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker in the governor’s race.

Unions just hate it when they are exposed like that!

(H/T Dan Riehl)

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