Sen. Tom Harkin (D) Has 12 Year Old Arrested

Say, let’s play “guess the party affiliation!”

Twelve-year-old war protester Frankie Hughes was arrested late Wednesday for trespassing after she allegedly refused to leave U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin’s Des Moines office.

Federal security officers told police that Gaunt was on the floor in Harkin’s office. When police went to the office, they also found Frankie sitting in a chair and refusing to leave. (Renee Lynn) Espeland (Frankie’s mother, who was also arrested later) was standing outside the office.

Espeland was told that if Frankie didn’t leave the office, she would be arrested for criminal trespass, according to the police report. Espeland allegedly told police she wasn’t going to tell Frankie to leave, and “felt it was important for her daughter to be arrested for the cause.”

Try searching the entire story. The word “Democrat” does not appear.

Now, the law is the law. When the office is closing, at some point, the protesters have to go. That said, come on, a 12 years old? Just have the police escort her out.

Say, can you imagine the outcry if this happened at the office of a Republican? It would be the lead story on every network and newspaper, instead of just non-front page stories in local newspapers in the area.

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