Senate Democrats Decide To Explain Snowmaggedon To Deniers

This is the reason I so often refer to ‘climate change’, as in, the belief that all changes in the climate are caused mostly/solely by Mankind’s output of greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide, as Hotocoldwetdry. They Cult of Climastrology has created a tautology, whereby everything can either be directly blamed on ‘climate change’ or linked to it in a negative fashion. Witness

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Doesn’t prove anthropogenic causation, just warming.

Got that? Heat causes more snow. Must have been super hot during the last glacial age.

First, since records only go back so far, we do not know that. Second, it’s rather disturbing that elected officials use a derogatory term intended to equate non-belief with AGW to Holocaust denial, in effect slurring fellow American citizens they are supposed to represent for Wrongthink.

Hotcoldwetdry. Heat causes more snow. These people really are nuts.

That linked article does nothing to prove anthropogenic climate change. Belief is not causation. Nor are talking points along with unhinged pronouncements. Causation is the argument, one for which Warmists cannot provide rock solid scientific evidence. But, they do not feel the need to provide that evidence, because this is about Belief, and creating more government dominance.

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