Senate Democrats Still Whining About Having To Debate Bills They Authored

Their entire agenda is about forcing votes to look good for the mid-terms, rather than dealing with legislation which actually helps Americans. And most media outlets covering the story go with a headline blaming the GOP for blocking the constitutional amendment

(Politico) Senate Republicans unanimously rejected a constitutional amendment sought by Democrats that would allow Congress to regulate campaign finance reform.

The measure failed to clear a 60-vote threshold on Thursday afternoon, 54-42.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) quickly moved to hammer Republicans and tie them to Charles and David Koch, billionaire brothers who back national conservative political operations.

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This is what Reid and the Democrats wanted for the first vote, as in, they wanted it to fail in order to whine at Republicans. Being forced to actually debate the legislation was not what they wanted.

Grassley and two dozen other Senate Republicans voted to advance the bill to blunt Democrats’ plans to hold a second round of campaign-flavored Democratic votes on proposals aimed at raising the minimum wage, overturning the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision, chipping away at gender pay disparities and reforming the student loan system.

The Senate has only a few more days in session — and Democratic aides said it will be difficult for the chamber to get to all the Fair Shot Agenda votes they hoped to hold this month, given Republican votes to advance the constitutional amendment Monday and the pay-equity bill on Wednesday, both of which consumed days of debate time. The next Senate vote is on Monday to end debate on the pay-equity bill — which will likely fail.

Perhaps the Democrat controlled Senate should take up pressing legislation first, instead of playing political games. They could certainly take up the hundreds of economic bills sent over from the House. But, they’ve decided on a course of forcing votes on hyper-partisan legislation which they know will never pass simply for campaign optics.

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), the Democrats’ top message man, said voters will not forget Republicans’ rejection of an amendment that Democrats argue would get “dark money” out of politics and broadly drives GOP policies.

Sure they will. Most have no idea what it is. Most voters are disengaged and certainly know more about the celebrity hacking case than what’s going on in Washington.

According to Open Secrets, 73% of his individual contributions have come from Large Individual Contributions for 2009-2014. He’s received almost $4 million from PACs. And $708k from lobbyists. Plus all the money from lawyers/law firms, securities and investments. Tweet him and let him know that he should not take money from all these folks.

Democrat whining about tax inversions is a big fail, too.

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