Senate Dems Pushing Another Big Union Payoff

Senate Democrats, Harry Ried in the lead, are once again attempting to bestow a big payoff to unions by attempting to defeat Senate Resolution 30.

This resolution would turn back a union payoff that Democrats slipped by the nation last May. A rules change made by Obama’s National Mediation Board, a federal agency that regulates relations between labor unions and businesses, changed the way union votes are governed.

The rule change allowed unions to tabulate pro-union votes by counting a majority of those employees voting in a particular election instead of counting the majority of all the employees of a company. In other words, if a company has 50,000 employees but only 2,000 vote in a union election, the majority of the 2,000 is what counts toward a majority. This means that a tiny minority of a company’s employees could impose union rules on the majority.

This is little else but stealth enactment of the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA).

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Outrageously, in a vote today the Senate has allowed this economy-killing rule to stand and Resolution 30 failed. It’s proof once again that Democrats will do anything to payoff Big Labor despite that it will destroy jobs and make our economy worse.

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