SHAME! Sen. Al Franken Just Made A HUGE ASSHAT Of Himself During Gorsuch Hearing [WATCH]

SHAME! Sen. Al Franken Just Made A HUGE ASSHAT Of Himself During Gorsuch Hearing [WATCH]

Now, it’s not in me to outright mock a total stranger, but if you are one of the unfortunate that used their vote to put Sen. Al Franken in one of the seats in Congress, you should probably go ahead and raise your right hand and swing really hard and fast at your face. Just keep repeating until your brain clears and you see the error of your ways.

That man has no business in Congress and the hearings of Judge Neil Gorsuch prove just that.

You can see from the video posted that at a point during the hearing, Franken questioned Gorsuch about how he felt about Republicans treatment of Obama’s SCOTUS nominee Merrick Garland.

Gorsuch would not answer the question, informing Franken he has a “canon of ethics” (what a novel concept in D.C.) that forbids him from getting involved in any political discourse. Franken obviously enjoyed that answer, as mush as we all were annoyed by his line of questioning.

Gorsuch had to explain this simple reality to Franken:

“There is a reason why judges don’t clap at the State of the Union, and why I can’t even attend a political caucus in my home state to register a vote in the equivalent of a primary.”

Franken, visibly defeated, decided to lecture Gorsuch on what’s “like, in the Constitution,” which by far was the dumbest structured point I’ve heard so far.

“I think you’re allowed to talk about what happened to the last guy that was nominated in your position. You’re allowed to say something without getting involved in politics. You can express an opinion on this.”

Gorsuch responded:

“Senator, I appreciate the invitation, but I know the other side has their views of this, and your side has your views of it. That, by definition, is politics. And Senator, judges have to stay outside of politics.”

It was soon after that Franken decided to be disrespectful to the Judge and cut him off…agonizing.

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