Sheila Jackson Lee: “Pepsi Commercial Is Demeaning”

Good thing our elected officials have their priorities straight

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) took to the House floor Tuesday night to criticize what she called a “demeaning” Pepsi ad that aired during the Super Bowl.

She’s worried about a Pepsi commercial while our federal deficit and debt skyrocket, jobs are still stagnating, costs are rising, and states are drowning in debt.

In the ad for Pepsi Max, a black woman sitting on a park bench gets angry with her husband after an attractive, white female jogger sits down next to the couple and smiles and waves at the man.

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After the man smiles back, his girlfriend or wife gets angry and whips her Pepsi Max can at him. The man ducks, and the can hits the attractive jogger in the head. The ad is titled “Love hurts.”

“In this month of African-American history where we’re trying to celebrate what is good and great, it certainly seems ridiculous that Pepsi would utilize this kind of humor,” she said. “It was not humorous. It was demeaning – an African-American woman throwing something at an African-American male and winding up hitting a Caucasian woman.”

Say, I wonder if Sheila, who says she is a big supporter of women’s rights, kinda noticed that the woman was hit in the head with a can of soda, knocking her to the ground? You know, assault? I agree, the commercial is not funny. But, of course, Sheila had to go down the racism road.

(PS: Since John is off to CPAC, I thought I would drop an extra post this morning)

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