Sheriff David Clarke Tweets Why He Didn’t Watch the Democrat Debate, and It’s Awesome

The liberal media is going crazy, crowing over how awesome the Democrat debate was. But not everyone is drinking the KoolAid, and Sheriff David Clarke sent out an epic tweet saying why he wasn’t watching the debate.


Apparently there was a Democrat presidential debate last night, but it seems a good chunk of America decided to pass on the clown show and find better forms of amusement, including the awesome Sheriff David A. Clarke.

Sheriff Clarke tweeted that he was skipping the shenanigans, gave his reason why, then dropped a heck of a zinger against the loony lefties participating in the debate.

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This is one for the ages, folks.

Democrats are the equivalent of a sixth grader running for student council, promising you free soda machines in the lunch room and no more homework. Their promises are completely ludicrous and will absolutely never happen, but that doesn’t stop them from telling everyone what they want to hear to get votes.

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