Shocker! Public Bored With AGW

Actually, what is more shocking is that the article was even printed in a far left news source like the UK’s Guardian: Public bored by climate change, says IPPR

The general public are resentful, cynical and resigned when it comes to the issue of climate change, according to an IPPR report.

Unless they can be persuaded to adopt lower-carbon lifestyles, it will be impossible to meet new emissions targets, says the report.

Well, if the people who are the biggest supporters and pushers of climate alarmism haven’t adopted lower-carbon lifestyles, ie, walking the talk, then, why should anyone else?

An approach based on saving the public money, and giving them greater control over energy bills and independence from suppliers would be more effective, say report researchers.

‘Success will lie in convincing consumers that in adopting lower-carbon lifestyles they can save money and have control in a chaotic world, and they can do the right thing and look good without being an environmentalist,’ said IPPR associate director Simon Retallack.

Except, virtually everyone knows that all these AGW plans will increase costs, costing people money. Anyhow, you can be an environmentalist without being a climate alarmist. I am. I used to give to many groups such as the Sierra Club before they went climahysteric, but, you can do your part to save the manatees (hint hint.) Or, choose your own environmental concern. We can save the rain forests without getting caught up in silly AGW. We can strive for cleaner air, land, water, and sea without being climate alarmists.

But, I digress. What they want to do is basically lie to consumers about what all the AGW legislation will do. And, as more and more people see through the shenanigans and lies, they are getting angry and dismissive.

Meanwhile, AGW is in intensive care here in the USA

The climate bill is not dead, but its pulse is rapidly weakening on Capitol Hill.

Harry Reid says he doesn’t have time for it. The White House has been largely silent on the legislation. And one Treasury analysis – disputed by critics – that says a cap-and-trade system could cost $200 billion landed with a thud on Wednesday.

The Senate majority leader seems ready to punt the climate debate into 2010, with the Senate already bogged down in health care and hoping to push through a major Wall Street reform bill also this fall.

I hope they do push it. That would make for some fun during an election year, what with Democrats pushing measures which would raise consumer prices, raise taxes, and put huge government controls on individuals and private entities.

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