Shocking Number Of Obama Supporters Clueless About Benghazi

It really should be no surprise that Obama supporters are divorced from reality: these are the same people who were voting for “hope and change” rather than any sort of concrete plans, and still support Obama because he’s….well, because he’s Obama, since most of Obama’s policies have been disasters. Remember the video from 2008 which showed the stupidity of those planning to vote for Obama? This one is just as bad

(The Blaze)…as it turns out, some of Obama’s supporters don’t even know the Benghazi attack occurred in the first place – and as they say, what you don’t know can’t hurt you.

Revealing Politics went to an Obama event at Ohio University on Oct. 17 and asked a number of the president’s supporters about the Benghazi attack. The conservative site says “most of the event attendees” had never heard of the terrorist act.

“So, what do you guys think about the situation in Benghazi?” an interviewer with Revealing Politics asks two girls.

“I have no idea,” one of them replies, giggling her head off.

One man said he thinks “the Republicans” were responsible for the attack while an alarming number of others could not identify Ambassador Stevens or recall a terrorist attack occurring in Benghazi.

Facepalm time!

Over at the Daily Caller, Jamie Weinstein discusses the Top 10 groups of people who shouldn’t vote (and takes shots at both sides). The above type of clueless morons who have no idea about current events should be included on the list. Instead of voter ID, there should be a test to determine if people have the necessary knowledge on domestic and foreign affairs to make in informed voting decision.

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