Shockingly, Democrats Receive No Political Lift From Stimulus

Among the inside the beltway political class and ObamaZombies, the Stimulus, otherwise known as the Generation Theft Act (alternatively known as the Pissing Money Down A Deep Well With Little Return Act), has been a super awesome magical piece of legislation, so, they are often clueless as to why it is so darned un-popular and hasn’t worked, nor why it has given so little lift to Democrats who own the Stimulus, lock, stock and traffic cone

As the nation struggled through a painful recession, the Democratic-led Congress rushed through nearly $1 trillion in spending and tax cuts, aiming to jump-start business investment, keep state and local governments afloat and put people to work, if only temporarily.

And there are all the problems wrapped up in one nice, neat sentence:

  • jobs were mostly temporary, building roads and painting bridges, while most of the unemployed were not in the road construction business, and would probably keel over if they tried
  • the money given to the states was an attempt to save the jobs of people who voted mostly Democrat, but, it would only last so long, and States are moving back into the exact same boat they were in, because too many people are out of work, so, the tax revenues are not coming in, and government is still spending too much at all levels
  • extremely short term tax credits with tons of restrictions and obligations stimulate very little

Buy all measures, the stimulus was a failure. Not in liberal world

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Most economists say the nationwide stimulus effort has generally paid off, although they differ on how much. But the cash infusion appears to have done little to restore public confidence either in the federal government or in the Democratic Party. The stimulus may have created or saved up to 3.6 million jobs, as the White House contends, but the jobless rate in Ohio still hovers at a crippling 10.4 percent.

All you meanies out there just need to suck it up and pay homage to the Democrat Party, because all the economists at the NY Times say the Stimulus worked

That has left Democrats such as Ganley’s opponent, Rep. Betty Sutton, trying to convince voters that the stimulus made a bad situation somewhat less bad.

Doesn’t exactly pop off a bumper sticker.

All Dems are left with is that cute little saying (along with Blaming Bush). All the temporary cuts and offers and rebates stimulated for a brief time, which did not help alleviate the situation for Main Street.

The centerpiece of the stimulus effort, the $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act approved in February 2009, included a sprawling array of policy initiatives. Obama got to deliver on campaign promises to invest in alternative energy and advance high-speed rail development. Liberals got their funding for Head Start and community food banks, and centrists got middle-class tax breaks. (Republicans saw very little in the package that they liked; only three GOP Senators and no Republican House members voted for it.)

None of which really creates jobs. If you do not understand why, you probably have an Obama alter.

It proved difficult to keep track of all that spending, and the White House and Democratic leaders had a hard time showing how it was contributing to the recovery.

You know, I like nature, but “$3.4 million for a wildlife “eco-passage” in Florida to take animals safely under a busy roadway” is absurd.

“The branding and marketing was done very poorly,” said Alan Blinder, a Princeton University economist who supported the stimulus. “When you spend that much money, there should be more recognition.”

When you spend that much money, the results should be obvious. And they are, which is why most people think the Stimulus was a failure, not too mention most being against it to start with. No amount of marketing will fix stupid.

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