Slate: Proving Once Again Why Leftists Don’t ‘Get’ Radical Islam

… and Why Liberals are Our Weak Spot

For the online, left-wing magazine Slate, William Saletan thinks he’s found something that will damage Osama bin Ladden’s reputation in the Islamic world. But what he thinks is such a big deal proves that he doesn’t understand radical Islam or even the Muslim world. Worse, it proves why liberals are our soft spot and why they could be the death of us.

Saletan is all excited over the fact that the U.S. found a large cache of pornography in bin Ladden’s living quarters. This, Saleton is happy to say, will undermine bin Ladden’s reputation as a strictly holy man. This hurts bin Ladden, says Saleton, because, “they’re more upset by porn and hiding behind women than by suicide bombing”

Saleton contends that in our fight against bin Ladden, we’ve found the right “argument” to level against our opponent.

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Why is porn such a big idea?

After discussing some polls in Europe, Saleton cites the findings on how Muslims felt about pornography.

On pornography, the pattern was reversed. In France, 43 percent of the general public said viewing pornography was morally acceptable, but only 16 percent of Muslims agreed. In Germany, 58 percent of the general public, but only 18 percent of Muslims, said it was acceptable. And while 35 percent of Brits said it was acceptable, only 1 percent of British Muslims shared that view.

“In sum,” Saleton says, “if you’re looking for an argument in Western Europe that’s more likely to appeal to Muslims than to the general population, pornography is a better bet than civilian casualties.”

Saleton goes on to further explore how badly porn is looked upon by devout Muslims and concludes that this is the magic bullet that will undermine the bin Ladden mystique.

Oh, but would it be that simple.

You see, Saleton’s problem is that he takes the whole blather about how negatively Muslims feel about porn and accepts prima facia that if Muslims come to believe that bin Ladden was a heavy user of porn that they will turn away in shame from his legacy.

It is simply foolish to believe that radical Islamists will bow to this supposed religious principle. They will not. Worse, it is even absurd to think regular Muslims will turn away from bin Ladden because of this.

We must remember that Muslims are some of the most conspiracy minded people in human history. To believe the lies they swallow whole about Jews and Israel alone takes a Herculean effort to avoid truth. Their nearly universal disbelief in the Holocaust, their penchant to think that the USA and the Jews are behind every bad thing that happens to them, even their belief in the existence of Muhammad himself are all exercises in high fantasy.

Instead of seeing Muslims turn away from bin Ladden because of a porn stash, a million conspiracy theories will be born to excuse it away. Muslims will simply claim that the porn was planted by the great Statan, the USA. They absolutely won’t believe that bin Ladden had anything to do with the pornography.

In fact, any violation of religious principle is explained away as ultimately useful for “the cause” of destroying the big and little Satan. If Binnie need a little porn to beat the USA and Israel, well no Muslim will deny him that.

That Saleton was foolish enough to imagine that there are any real religious principles behind the beliefs of radical Islam makes him dangerous. It leads him and liberals like him to the mistaken notion that appealing to Muslims’s religious tenets will help us “understand” Islam and will, in turn, help us figure out a way to turn them to our side — or at least defuse them enough for this whole thing to fade away.

What Saleton refuses to come to grips with is that religion is only a veneer for radical Islam. Any violation of their religion is acceptable if it leads to killing Jews and Americans. They accept the generally violent leanings of their religion and culture, of course. Violent Jihad is the only principle they won’t turn away from. But the little things, like treating women well, accepting others, staying away from drink or pornography, all this is easily ignored for the greater goal of dealing death and destruction in an effort to control the world.

As the saying goes, they “don’t sweat the little stuff” in order to achieve success on the “big stuff.”

That Saleton thinks that telling Muslims (that won’t believe him anyway) that bin Ladden violated some of the little stuff of Islam won’t in the least dissuade them from thinking Binnie is the big stuff for his 9/11 success. That Saleton thinks it will shows why folks of his ilk on our side give the enemy the upper hand and puts us all in danger.

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