Slick Willie Busts On The Goracle


Former President Bill Clinton made a return to Washington’s public life, speaking to the annual Gridiron Dinner as a stand-in for President Barack Obama and poking some fun at himself, his Oval Office successors and the press corps before getting in pitches for passage of health legislation and aid to Haiti.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he noted he was speaking on the night before the start of spring, “otherwise known to Al Gore as proof of global warming.” Of the current vice president, he said: “Vice President Biden, God bless his mouth.”

Isn’t that the truth with all climate alarmists? They’re like baby birds. As soon as it gets warm, they pop out of their shells and start crying “global warming! Climate Change! Man Bad!” Then they jump in the SUV to run some errands around town and attend a global warming rally.

In the real realm of climate science, good thing NASA knows how it all works, or not (via Tom Nelson)

[NASA’s Dr. Dave Young] We know the things that can cause our climate to change. They include changes in the intensity of the sun, and increases in heat-trapping gases such as carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. What we want to learn is how the Earth responds to these driving forces, and any other secondary feedback effects that might occur. For example, say the Earth responds to increases in carbon dioxide levels by warming up; a warmer planet causes more water to evaporate and increases the amount of certain types of clouds. Clouds could either accelerate or slow down subsequent global warming. By taking very accurate energy measurements from space over a long period of time, we’ll be able to measure these responses and feedbacks on decade-long timescales.

3. CLARREO claims it will produce an “irrefutable climate record.” Does that mean it will put an end to climate change controversy?

Producing a trusted and tested climate record is one of our goals.
…The goal is to have a set of highly accurate measurements that can be used to track today’s global warming trends and to improve climate models’ predictions for the future. We’ve pretty much shown that you can separate man-made climate change from natural climate variations using the data we expect to collect. You’ll see the impact of changes in carbon dioxide, methane and other gases reflected in the changes in the temperatures we measure. By comparing these numbers to the climate models, we’ll really understand how that climate change developed.

Wait, they haven’t collected the data yet?

How bad has it all gotten? Even Penthouse is dissing the alarmist (definitely not safe for work.)

Water vapor accounts for 30% of the warming? Who knew?

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