Slow Joe Biden Strikes Again, Doesn’t Even Know People in His Own Administration

Proving yet again why he was considered the joke of the Senate when he was a member of that august body, Vice President Joe “Slow Joe” Biden has once again shown that he is one of the most clueless men ever to serve in our second chair. And that really is saying something when we’ve had such gems as Al Gore and William Rufus D. King in that position!

On the morning show of a Tampa Bay, Florida radio station, Biden made an admission that he doesn’t even follow current events and hasn’t a clue what is going on in his own administration.

In a discussion about the Wall Street protests, as empty of purpose as they are, Biden said he didn’t know about “the Van Jones group,” and acted as if he didn’t know who Van Jones even is.

When reminded that Van Jones was the extremist, left-winger that Obama tried to put in place as his “green czar,” Slow Joe said, “Oh is that… alright…”

But, wait, you might say. Perhaps Slow Joe really doesn’t know who Van Jones is? Maybe they never met?

Sorry, that dog don’t hunt. Slow Joe and Van Jones were sent to Denver, Colorado together in 2009 to tout Obama’s public housing program.

Joe Biden is a stupid man. There are very few politicians I’ll say that of but Joe is one of them. For years this fool has made a dunce of himself and this is yet one more example of that.

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