Smosska’s ACORN Smoke Screen

-By Warner Todd Huston

This is an update on a story about a company in South Carolina named Smosska that I covered back in July. At this point, it seems beyond question that Smosska is a sham organization that was set up by ACORN in order to hide “community activism” behind a false front in South Carolina.

Back in July I reported
on a corporation that swept into Florence, South Carolina promising all sorts of new jobs with wonderful new benefits. Naturally none of these jobs have materialized. Looking into this Smosska, Corp. proves that the company is a sham group formed to serve the needs of the criminal ACORN organization.

Well, for an update, it looks like this sham company is getting served with an eviction notice.

Holcombe Land Development officials say they filed eviction papers against the Smosska company on September 23.

HLD officials tell News 13 that they filed the eviction papers after failing to receive rent payments from Smosska. They say they received a prorated payment on July 10, when the company moved in to the the office. They also received a bad check for August rent on August 25. HLD officials say that Smosska did not make any other rent payments.

Of course, this didn’t stop this sham group from charging $40 to each person that thought they were applying for a job with Smosska. This fee was supposedly for an “aptitude test” that the applicants took in order to qualify for these non-existent jobs.

But it isn’t just this “fee” that Smosska’s representatives ripped off these poor, unsuspecting applicants for that is troubling here. Smosska also has a shady past and some troubling connections. As I wrote in July:

The links between Smosska and the troubled community group weren’t openly admitted, to be sure. The Florence Better Business Bureau looked into the company after questions were raised about its odd characteristics. The BBB found that Smosska is being backed by a group called Organizers for America, which itself is a subsidiary of the National Organizers Alliance, which itself is affiliated with ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, the nationally troubled group associated with massive voter fraud, financial irregularities. Of course, all were heavy Obama campaign backers.

Even the state and county employment agencies cannot find any information out about this shadowy corporation and they’ve stopped any of their further applicants from going to Smosska to apply.

In any case, it is looking like I was right before. This is a sham organization that was an attempt by ACORN to set up another false front behind which they could do their business, whatever that may be. This eviction notice makes that assessment seem more and more correct.

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