NBCs Brian Williams Calls Internet ‘Comic Element of Our Society’

Apparently Brian Williams does not hold the Internet in very high esteem. One easily understands this from his comments about the political Internet on the morning of October 9 when Williams took a swipe at the blogoshpere, pundits and the “opinion-based economy” — whatever the later is.

In a follow-up segment after NBC aired President Obama’s Rose Garden comments about the awarding of the Nobel Prize, Williams turned to NBCs Chuck Todd for commentary. As he introduced Todd, Williams said:

And Chuck Todd remains at the White House. Chuck, the way our society and civilization is set up now, it’s almost as if — we’re heading into a weekend now — the comic element of our society — the blogosphere, pundits, the opinion-based economy in the United States — will now just get a free shot and have at it for the next three days at least.

So, all of the blogosphere, pundits, and that “opinion-based economy” is “the comic element of our society”?

While the Old Media is increasingly scooped by the new media, it is interesting to see Williams dismiss the new medium as merely “the comic element in our society.”

Presumably he rates himself and his network news-based economy is somehow better than the “comic element of our society.”

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